UGA NSF I-Corps Application

This application is for participation in the UGA NSF I-Corps Site Program. You should have an existing technology that your or your team want to commercialize. Projects supported by UGA I-Corps must be focused in an area of science, technology, engineering or mathematics, but can originate from faculty research, student work, industry projects or ideas from the entrepreneurial community.

In the application below, please fill out all the information to the best of your ability. Please indicate the role that best describes each of your team members (you can have multiples of one type, e.g. two entrepreneurs!), with the descriptors below:

  • Entrepreneur: Motivated team member that will take the most active part in the customer discovery process, usually a student
  • Technologist: Technical expert for the product or technology that understands its possibilities and applications, usually a professor or scientist
  • Mentor: an experienced or emerging business person with ties to the target industry, or a person with contacts within the target industry

If you don’t yet have a full team, only include information for the team members you do have and we will actively work with you to pair you with additional team members during our Startup Combine event.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kevin Wu (