UGA NSF I-Corps Application

This application is for participation in the UGA NSF I-Corps Site Program. You should have an existing technology that your or your team want to commercialize. Projects supported by I-Corps UGA must be focused in an area of science, technology, engineering or mathematics, but can originate from faculty research, student work, industry projects or ideas from the entrepreneurial community.

A full team consists of an Academic Team Lead, Entrepreneurial Team Lead and Business Mentor.

  • Academic Lead: the technology lead, potentially a faculty member or student inventor/creator.
  • Entrepreneurial Lead: someone motivated or interested in taking the technology commercialization forward.
  • Mentor: an experienced or emerging business person with a tie to UGA and experience in transitioning technology out of academic labs.

If you don’t yet have a full team, only include information for the team members you do have and we will actively work with you to pair you with additional team members during our Startup Combine event.

UGA NSF I-Corps Site awardees will complete a 6-week workshop course. At the conclusion of the I-Corps Site program and workshop, you will have a stronger understanding of the market opportunity, product and market validation, the path to market for your technology, and the overall competitive landscape. Participation in the I-Corps program could lead to potential outcomes ranging from significant industry contacts, ongoing research funding, opportunities for venture funding, and a “go/no go” decision to form a company.

Preference will be given to teams with a full team, passion, motivation, resources, and that bring treats to Ian Biggs.

UGA NSF I-Corps Application


Provide name of venture, project, or team.

Academic Lead

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Entrepreneurial Lead

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Business Mentor

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